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To the holidays of the year, there have been news of domestic Chinese tourists overseas big sweep. When the whole world is thinking about a way to make Chinese tourists of money when we sigh, is it more and think: why do Chinese people have to come all the way to hermes parfume shop abroad? How can I change the Chinese "money spent abroad in China," so as to blame? Outbound Chinese tourists to more than 80 million visitors last year, the vast majority of the rational consumer is extremely price sensitive. Xinhua's global survey found that most Chinese tourists overseas shopping purpose, relevance is high, before many people even shop Taobao shopping service on the shop price. Well-known management consultancy Bain's research shows that consumer 25% of the global luxury goods last year, amounted to 306 billion yuan, but which 60% spending abroad. LV, Hermes has been opening stores in China, why to buy abroad? The reason is simple: price.

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Domestic high import duties and other taxes resulting in poor hermes parfume product prices at home and abroad with great, no wonder many Chinese overseas shopping exclaimed "what a deal". Bain Capital's statistics show that, with the improvement of consumer price sensitivity, last year China mainland 30% suddenly dropped to cent of luxury market grew from the year before, while the amount of Chinese overseas purchases of luxury goods has soared 31%. It is reported that Hermes, watch the development of the Chinese market over the next 5 years specifically intends to invest tens of millions of euros to build high-end brand in China. In addition, the company also plans to steadily increase the number of stores in China.